Wetsuit FAQ


Q. What does the thickness mean in a wetsuit? 
A.The wetsuit thickness measurements is in millimeters and run from the center of the suit,(your core or abdomen) to you extremities (arms and legs). So, for example, a 3/2MM wetsuit, the core of the wetsuit is 3 Millimeters thick and the legs and arms are 2 Millimeters thick.

Q. What is Z.E.N Zip? 
A.Z.E.N Zip is the back zip entry to the wetsuit. O'Neill's original patented Z.E.N closure allows for zipper less free floating feel, short zip, and barrier-2 mixed with zen collar to keep out the water. It allows less paddle flexibility.

Q. What is F.U.Z.E Zip? 
A.F.U.Z.E Zip is the chest zip entry to the wetsuit. Based off O'Neill's patented Z.E.N Zip system, this allows for zipper less free floating feel and more paddle flexibility.

Q. What is TechnoButter? 
A.TechnoButter is the most advanced neoprene on the market. Super stretch, less water absorption, and quick drying. 20% lighter, 30% less water absorption with quick dry properties.

Q. What is the best method to care for my Wetsuit? 
A.Care varies by personal preference and different recommendations but the basics are:

  • Rinse with fresh water after every use
  • Clean with wetsuit shampoo every 3-5 uses for maximum life time. *O'Neill branded wetsuit shampoo is available in selected retailers
  • Oil buttons and zippers every few months

Q. What is the Warranty Information on Wetsuits? 
A.If the product is found to be defective under normal use and proper care, O’Neill will repair or replace the product at our sole discretion. The decision to replace or repair a product is made by the O’Neill Warranty Department after receipt of the defective product. At no time does O’Neill offer refunds. Defective product should be returned clean and dry, postage prepaid. Please include product description, product defects, requested action, return address (be sure to include postal code, especially for Canadian addresses), daytime phone number with area code, customer’s name and a copy of the purchase receipt sent to the address below. Suits without a copy of the purchase receipt will NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTYCLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

Q. How do I figure out what size suit I need? 
A. Use the below chart to find out the comparable size for you:



Q. What is is the temperature rating for wetsuits? 



Q.Are wetsuits included in all O'Neill sitewide promotions and promo codes? 
A. No, all Wetsuit styles are EXCLUDED from all sitewide promotions and excluded from all promo codes! The entire Wetsuit collection is excluded including rashguards, skins, wetsuits, hybrid, accessories and all other wetsuit styles featured in this collection.