Live Like Jack Film  Project

It’s all about living life with intent. Fearless in who you are, in how high you can reach, how far you can go. It’s all about listening to that inner voice. The one that whispers, never compromise, never fear, never betray your dreams. Stay true to the path, steer by the stars and trust the voice in your gut.

That’s just how Jack lived. Ferociously, uncompromisingly true to himself, true to his dreams.

 And you can bet that folks said he was nuts. Said his dreams were too big and his aim was too wild. But he had the drive and the grit to answer, “Hey, that’s never been done? Now get out of my way!”

So, go right ahead, folks. Tempt the unknown, step off the edge and chase that dream. Define for yourself when the journey begins, where it leads…and whether it ever ends.

Go right ahead.

Jack O'NEILL Story



Kenny Spracklin

Name: Kenny Spracklin
Age: 35
Occupation: Sports therapist. Adventure seeker.
From: Lives in Montreal, QC

Over the past decade, not only has Kenny made a name for himself working as an athletic therapist and performance specialist with professional and Olympic athletes from around the world, but through his adventurous demeanour, he has distinguished himself as someone that pushes limits and comfort zones. He finds solace in challenging himself with not only physical, but also mental feats like free diving with whales and sharks, climbing Mt. Everest, cycling across Canada, skydiving, surfing in the arctic, and the list goes on. He continues to be a risk taker to immerse himself in the wonders of nature.

The Voice Within


Rachel Chin

Name: Rachel Chin
Age: 24
Occupation: Graphic Designer
From: Lives in Toronto, ON

Rachel defines herself as a true introvert. She believes that extroverts possess certain traits that are deemed to be desirable to the general public, but that does not stop her from standing out. Her life changing turning point came after a bad breakup. She felt uncomfortable in the relationship as she was trying to be someone she was not. The minute the relationship ended, she cut her hair and decided she needed to live her truth. Her sense of adventure is quite different from what others would consider adventurous. Rachel no longer falls through the cracks as she connects with those around her, in unique ways that show that behind her quiet façade, she is remarkable and extremely creative.

The Irresistable Whisper


Adam Gearing

Name: Adam Gearing
Age: 23
Occupation: Action Sports Photographer
From: Revelstoke, BC and Australia

Adam Gearing left behind a burgeoning career as an engineer to focus on his passion for outdoor photography. His educational background and deep love for the environment, gives him a unique perspective and his work is a testament to that. For the past three years, Adam devotes himself in becoming an athlete and outdoor sports photographer that will capture the attention and inspire many. Putting photography and the outdoors first, he thrives off the path less traveled to live his passion and his sense of adventure.

It's The Climb


Hugo Murphy

Name: Hugo Murphy
Age: 42
Occupation: Financial Trader
From: Lives in Montreal, QC

Hugo Murphy started a skateboarding business with his two teenage sons. Why? Many reasons. He felt he chose a career in Finance at a young age when he had absolutely no clue who he was. As he was watching his sons grow older by the minute, he feared 2 things:

1) that they too would choose a career without knowing much about the world and what they were truly passionate about and

2) that time was running out quickly and with it, quality time with his boys. As a skateboarder, with sons who have been traveling, competing, and skating for numerous years, so starting a skateboard business seemed natural to them. Hugo felt that working alongside his boys, would expose them to many, different realities: finance, supplier negotiation, leasing, designing, writing, promoting, advertising, etc. His sons being stoked about the experience, continue to make boards alongside their father and will soon run the show on their own.

Carpe Diem


Mélodie Gougeon

Name: Mélodie Gougeon
Age: 16
Occupation: Accrobatic Skiier. Slopestyle sport studies. Environmentalist
From: Lives in Mont Tremblant, QC

Young, driven and determined, this 16-year-old loves challenges. Mélodie Gougeon pushes boundaries as a member of APEXX’s freestyle ski team and environmentalist. Mélodie’s zero-waste lifestyle and environmental advocacy, leads her to take on projects and initiatives well beyond her years. Successfully reducing the amount of plastic use and unnecessary waste used by her school’s cafeteria, she continues to find new ways to re-purpose and dispose of different materials in an eco-friendly manner. When Mélodie isn’t juggling schoolwork, ski training, and reducing the carbon footprints around her, she is outdoors hiking and just being free in the nature she is striving to protect.

Un Geste à la Fois


Clarissa King

Name: Clarissa King
Age: 24 Occupation: Traveler and free spirit
From: Currently lives in Tofino, BC

Clarissa King, a fearless woman who had been bullied, suffered low self-esteem and self-doubt, took to her van life to travel her way to self-discovery. Her two-month road trip, has yet to end, as she left home almost three years ago/for it has almost been three years since she has left home/for it has become her lifestyle. Being continuously faced with trying situations has allowed her to progress in her journey of branching out and finding her confidence. Clarissa lives in the now and leads a life of complete freedom.

The Road Less Travelled


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